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The Problem & Solution


  • Today's high technology can be overwhelming in complexity.
  • But, The PHOOSM Method makes complex systems easy to control.

A Robot without PHOOSM Technology


  • Existing technology definitely gets the job done, but The PHOOSM Method makes it easier to control...
  • Too bad our friend (above) wasn't designed with RCL using PHOOSM!

A Robot using new PHOOSM Technology


  • Taking commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and simplifying its use within complex systems is now a reality...
  • Good thing our friend (above) was created using RCL with PHOOSM Technology!

PHOOSM Technology


New product design without PHOOSM

Designing a product without using The PHOOSM Method leads to the typical problems encountered for ages:

  • Lots of extra meetings that seem intuitively ridiculous to most of the attendees; who loves a daily "super scrum?"...anyone?!?
  • Deadline delays due to the extra meetings...
  • Changes in basic product requirements & specifications due to misunderstandings, ...etc., etc.


New product design with PHOOSM

Creating a product using The PHOOSM Method could lead to extreme happiness because:

  • Fewer meetings with clients due to streamlined communications between the product "idea people" and the designers...
  • Less time wasted on extra meetings due to design misunderstandings, because everyone involved can quickly learn PHOOSM...
  • Less chance of basic product requirements changes due to more clear and direct involvement between the "idea people" and the designers.


Robot Control Language (RCL) with PHOOSM

  • The best way to learn and use The PHOOSM Method is with RCL by Millennium Software, Inc.
  • IntelliSense Design is the exclusive worldwide distributor of RCL.
  • A digital White Paper describing the details of PHOOSM technology  and how to design & code solutions via RCL is currently in development.
  • Please join our "RCL/Phoosm" mailing list to be among the first group to receive a link to download the free version of RCL (RCL-Mini) and the companion digital White Paper...
  • Just click on "Robert C. Logically," or "Robbie" the Robot (pictured at left) to go to our mailing list sign-up section!

RCL with PHOOSM, what exactly is it?

RCL with PHOOSM - described:

  • PHOOSM, or “The PHOOSM Method” is a new methodology designed to make complex systems easy to organize and control, i.e. organizing hardware and software (objects)
  • The PHOOSM Method is a new way of thinking that can fundamentally improve organizing and coordinating objects
  • Existing technology is traditionally daunting, but PHOOSM methodology is “Disruptive Technology,” since it drastically simplifies what is traditionally a highly complex field of engineering and computer science: Systems Engineering
  • PHOOSM stands for “Process Heavy Object Oriented State Machine” – quite a mouthful!
  • PHOOSM is built-in to Robot Control Language (RCL), by Millennium Software Inc., so RCL is ideal for use in Robotics – to coordinate all hardware devices used in motion, sensing, and control
  • PHOOSM technology is patent pending by its inventor, Anthony J. Bergman (“Tony”), of Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

  • Robot Control Language (RCL) is the first “easy to use” programming language to utilize PHOOSM technology
  • Robot Control Language (RCL/PHOOSM) is currently available for the Microsoft Windows platform, including the embedded Windows® (WEC), making it ideal for controlling virtually any robotics or hardware
  • RCL is to hardware (sensors, valves, motor, etc.) what HTML is to the Internet: Providing simple English commands which automatically handle all the background complexities of coordinating hardware actions - thus providing most everything needed for controls and robotics

  • Robot Control Language (RCL/PHOOSM) is compatible with Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware – almost any device which connects to Windows® based hardware
  • Robot Control Language (RCL/PHOOSM) is available in special upgraded versions which include both PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) Loops, and even custom AI – a Pattern Recognition System (patented)
  • Robot Control Language (RCL/PHOOSM) is embodied in two software packages: RCL Engine and RCL Developer
  • The RCL Engine goes into hardware chips and controls the hardware with user made programs

  • The RCL Developer helps users develop new RCL Programs
  • RCL Programs can be simple text scripts (obvious & documented) or “compiled code” (hidden)
  • There is additional proprietary Intellectual Property (IP) that is optionally available (per application & license) within RCL for both object tracking and intelligent object recognition based on “Shape-Mate” Pattern Recognition System (PRS) technology – which is patented, and a flexible PID Loop (Proportional, Integral, Derivative Loop) for electromechanical controls

  • In summary: Robot Control Language (RCL) with PHOOSM makes the complex easy to control!

RCL-IoT - Robot Control Language for the Internet  of Things with IDI's custom IoT motherboard.

RCL-IoT - Robot Control Language for the Internet of Things with IDI's custom IoT motherboard.