Product R&D

IntelliSense Design PMACS 1000 (in use)

USF scientists using IntelliSense Design's PMACS 1000 water sample concentration device in lab.

  • The PMACS 1000 is a water sample concentration device for testing environmental source water for pathogen contamination.
  • IntelliSense Design developed the PMACS in conjunction with The University of South Florida (USF-ABL) from 2007 to 2013 for ongoing scientific work to detect water contamination from numerous natural threats.
  • The PMACS 1000 is a peer reviewed device without equal in its' arena, and with an extensive scientific history.  It was used to test early versions of RCL, with PHOOSM-based technology, in the development of the leading-edge controller software inside - known as "SmartFlow."

PMACS 1000 Laboratory Device

PMACS 1000 water sample concentration device.

  • PMACS 1000 water sample concentration device ready for use back in the laboratory - after returning from the field to collect samples.

  • The PMACS has evolved into newer devices which we can custom built to order for our clients.  Please contact us for details. 

RCL-Ai Software Module

RCL using Ai module to find target cells in microscope image.

  • RCL's Ai module was used for heart-beat detection in a prototype medical heart monitor (Flowave 1000), followed by tracking cancer cells in confocal microscope images for Moffitt Cancer Center (pictured).
  • RCL-Ai is licensed exclusively from Millennium Software, Inc., where it was patented and enhanced with proprietary Pattern Recognition Software by the inventor, Anthony J. Bergman.
  • Contact us for your customized pattern recognition solution.