STEM Product Overview


Science, Technology, Engineering [,Art] and Math

PHOOSM: Procdedural Heavy Object Oriented State Machine

RCL: Robot Control Language

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The PHOOSM Method

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Three (3) new STEM Products

STEM Products using PHOOSM Technology:

  • Product 1:  RCL-Mini
  • For anyone seeking to learn the ground breaking new PHOOSM Methodology!

  • Product 2:  RCL-Max
  • For everyone wanting to create new robotic projects for education or electronic hobbies or even laboratory devices and entrepreneurial product prototypes.

  • Product 3:  RCL-EDU
  • For the educator and his/her students: custom curriculum development for your specific section of the STEM or STEAM environment!

Learn More About:

The PHOOSM Method

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